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Total Quality
Every Step of the Way

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Our Philosophy

We are your one-stop custom Quality Partner delivering fast, reliable, and flexible service offerings at great value, ensuring your Quality needs are met for a sustainable future

AQM BD offers customisable and technical services across the full supply chain in a range of verticals including consumer goods, industrial and commercial as well as governmental certifications to assists our clients’ in reaching their goals and solving their challenges, whilst also working together to develop a sustainable partnership towards growth. 

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To be able to offer total quality services across the global supply chain in order to solve our customers’ challenges anywhere, anytime


To consistently provide fast, flexible, detailed and sustainable solutions across the whole supply chain for a more efficient and greener world



To offer our global network of quality technical experts together with our digital supply chain solutions, in order to deliver a transparent, real-time, total supply chain management experience

What We Do

Quality Engineering
for the future

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Quality Engineering

A holistic approach in engineering, planning and quality assurance to improve and solve your manufacturing operations performance and challenges


Inspections and Audits

Quality assurance inspections and third party audits to verify your quality standards across your supply chain anywhere, anytime

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Testing and

Accredited against all major international regulatory standards for the importation of consumer and Industrial products worldwide

Quick Response

For regulatory approval and fast market access

Large Coverage

Large network of highly-trained technical experts

Customised Services

Fast and customisable quality assurance

Extensive experience

In-depth understanding and considerable expertise offered by seasoned professional

Our solutions

Your Partner
in quality

Backed by the industry knowledge and experience of thousands of professionals around the globe

Industries we Serve

Consumer Products

Get your products safely, efficiently, and effectively to market

Apparel and Textile

Quality control in order to improve your bottom line


Bags & Accessories

Ensure safety of your food products throughout the entire food supply chain

Our Clients

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Keep updated with the latest news on quality and supply chain insights


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