AQM BD Quality Control

Quality Engineering

AQM BD provides operation management services in manufacturing as the core service of our supply chain management solutions.

AQM BD Operation Teams provide a holistic solution in engineering, planning, and quality control, so our clients can steadily improve their manufacturing operations performance. This consolidates all production processes including project management, advanced planning and scheduling, manufacturing quality control, supplier sustaining and improvement.

Our Supply Chain Magement Services Include:

  • Supplier Quality Engineer
  • Production Monitoring
  • Supplier Quality Management


With AQM BD professional service, our clients can benefit from:

  • Increased visibility of supply chain management in manufacturing
  • Quick launch of new products
  • Consistent product quality
  • On-time delivery
  • Cost effectiveness of overall supply chain operations in manufacturing


Our teams are made up of seasoned professionals, with a wide range of skills and expertise including order fulfillment, manufacturing-flow management, supplier relationship management, product development, and commercialization.

The AQM BD engineering team with extensive experience in various manufacturing processes focuses on:

  • Continuously review manufacturing processes to identify any variables that may impact quality and implement changes to achieve optimal process parameters.
  • Identify critical factors impacting operations in terms of cost, supply chain, quality, and scalability, to maintain a high and stable manufacturing yield.
  • Tracking UPPH trends to meet improvement goals and maximize manufacturing efficiency.
  • Promote LEAN manufacturing for process improvement.
  • Perform routine audits to ensure processes and equipment are in excellent condition.
  • Regularly report progress updates, weekly yield trends, and production efficiency status.

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