AQM BD Quality Control

Quality Control in Bangladesh

Quality Control in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the world’s largest exporters in the ready-made garments industry, leather and leather goods, and agriculture.

AQM BD is a leading third party inspection company in Bangladesh that assists international and domestic businesses with quality assurance services. Whether you require product inspection in Dhaka, factory audits in Chittagong or production monitoring in Gazipur, we have you covered.

Our Quality Control Services in Bangladesh

Quality control in Bangladesh is important due to the large-scale production volume, often labour-intensive manufacturing processes, and complex supply chains in its prominent industries.

AQM BD is one of the leading third party inspection companies in Bangladesh. We provide quality assurance services for businesses around the globe. Our team of inspectors has years of experience in dealing with soft and hard goods and is trained in relevant international standards for inspection, audit, and best quality management practices.

Factory Audits in Bangladesh

Verify whether your new supplier complies with international standards and regulations and can meet your quality requirements. Our supplier and factory audits in Bangladesh offer transparent, complete insights into your intended supplier’s legitimacy and quality control processes.

Major checkpoints of a supplier audit in Bangladesh include:

  • Company Legality Information
  • Bank Information
  • Human Resources

The standard factory audit in Bangladesh includes the following:

  • Ownership and History of the Factory
  • Production Machines, Equipment, and Fixtures
  • Production Capability
  • The Manufacturing Process and the Production Line
  • In-house Training Systems
  • Quality Control Systems

Product Inspection in Bangladesh

AQM BD provides on-site product inspection services at factories in Bangladesh at any point during the production cycle, including pre-shipment inspections and loading/unloading. We can inspect all product categories, including textiles, ready-t0-made garments, leather goods, footwear, food products and more.

The main quality inspections consist of the following:
  • Pre-Production Inspection
  • During-Production Inspection
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection
  • Piece-by-Piece Inspection
  • Production Monitoring
  • Loading/Unloading Supervision

Other Quality Assurance Services in Bangladesh

AQM BD offers a range of quality control services in Bangladesh, including:

  • Social Compliance Audits
  • Government Certifications
  • Consultancy
  • Product Testing

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