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AQM BD – Your Supply Chain Quality Management Provider

AQM BD is a leading global third-party quality control service provider dedicated to solving quality issues and creating a more robust supply chain.

AQM BD is a quality control partner for a lot of international brands in the Consumer Goods, Commercial, Industrial and Government sectors.

We have a wide network of technical experts, and we work with accredited product testing laboratories in key manufacturing regions including CNAS ISO17020, ISO17025 and CMA.

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Our Services

We provide services upstream and downstream, covering quality inspections, product testing, quality engineering.

Our Mission, Vision and Values


To offer total quality services across the global supply chain in order to solve our clients’ challenges anywhere and at any time.


To consistently provide fast, flexible, detailed and sustainable solutions across the whole supply chain for a more efficient and greener world.


AQM BD identifies with honesty, integrity, and trust. We stand by these values in every action and decision we take at every level of our organisation and daily business practices.

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