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Order your inspection starting from $258 per man-day!

Aqm bangladesh Co., Ltd provides factory audit and product inspection services in Bangladesh, India and Indonesia for the companies all over the world.

We follow international standards and procedures. Inspected items go through random selection and are based on sampling standard and highest level of quality.  

We offer high quality product inspection in all provinces of Bangladesh for our worldwide clients

We are your people in Bangladesh

Western managed company

No matter what products need to be inspected or what factory needs to be audited, we can get it done for you!

From the tiniest E-commerce product to the largest piece of factory equipment, we devote ourselves to make sure that all the inspection items will be fully examined according to the highest standards. 

Each inspection, factory audit and loading supervision can be customised according to your individual needs. Moreover,  you will receive a detailed inspection report issued in 24 hours.

Whether your business is small or large, we will make your full-service inspection process as smooth as possible.

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We are your people in Bangladesh

western managed company